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When you are pregnant your emotional wellbeing has a major impact on the physical health of you and your baby. Major changes occur in your body, in your identity and in your relationships. Planning for pregnancy and parenting enables you to move through these changes with greater confidence and a deeper sense of self.

Maria Carella, M.Ed., LPC has been an educator and counselor specializing in Pregnancy, Parenting and Infertility since 1983. She conducts Individual and Group Counseling Programs, Workshops, and Classes. These include:

  • Counseling For Pregnancy
  • Yoga For Pregnancy
  • Mom and Baby Yoga Class
  • Body Centered Hypnosis For Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Sandplay For Pregnancy
  • Preconception Planning
  • Prenatal Bonding Workshop
  • Moving Through Pregnancy And Birth Workshop
  • Blessingways: Women Honoring Women-A Baby Shower Alternative
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Counseling For Pregnancy
Consists of a supportive environment to explore the challenges and concerns, physical or emotional that pregnancy brings up. We will explore your beliefs concerning motherhood, birth, and family to create conscious intentions for this major life event. We will also work with generational patterns that need to be healed. You will learn stress management techniques such as relaxation, calm breathing, imagery and mindfulness to help you maintain emotional well being.

Counseling For Pregnancy and Parenting may include:

  • Addressing a woman's individual issues concerning motherhood and birth.
  • Teaching skills to manage the pain of labor.
  • Allowing a woman to work through negative feelings associated with motherhood and childbirth.
  • Generating resources from within to deal with pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Creating a special opportunity for bonding with the baby in utero.
Counseling For Pregnancy may be of special interest to women who:
  • Are enjoying a normal pregnancy and wish to deepen their connection to the birth experience.
  • Are working toward a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC).
  • Are experiencing fears and anxieties relating to pregnancy, the birth process or the transition to motherhood.
  • Are feeling ambivalent about pregnancy, birth or motherhood.
  • Are experiencing marital conflict
Have a history of:
  • pregnancy loss or a difficult birth experience.
  • preterm labor, premature birth, breech presentation or high blood pressure.
  • sexual or physical abuse, phobias, and/or panic.
  • infertility.
  • postpartum depression or adjustment issues.
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Yoga For Pregnancy
Yoga for Pregnancy is medically approved, and includes toning and strengthening exercises, stress management techniques, breathing techniques, proper alignment, relaxation, and comfort techniques, bonding with your baby, group discussion and support of the experience of pregnancy.

Yoga For Pregnancy is beneficial to women at all stages of pregnancy and at all fitness levels, and no experience is necessary.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga
Yoga teaches you healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety before and during labor. The postures increase flexibility and circulation, strengthen the lower back, align the pelvis, reduce back pain, and enhance balance and stability. In addition to a safe and effective workout, Yoga For Pregnancy offers the opportunity to address the emotional concerns of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, allowing you to feel more balanced in body, mind, and spirit.

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Ongoing Classes Include:

  • Yoga For Pregnancy
  • Couples Yoga For Pregnancy
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Sandplay For Pregnancy
Sandplay is an expressive therapy technique where miniature images, sand and water are the tools of expression for the creative Self.

Sandplay is an opportunity to experience your sensations, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and make them more conscious. This play allows you to get in touch with your own inner wisdom and healing.

Sandplay can help you understand and heal any fears about pregnancy and motherhood as well as help you discover your strengths and resources. By making worlds in the sand you are allowing your unconscious, creative part to "birth" images that will empower you in your birthing and in your life.

Sandplay may be part of a psychotherapeutic or a transformational process, a way of solving a difficult problem, a marking of a rite of passage, or an opportunity to bond with yourself, your partner and your baby.

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Body Centered Hypnosis For Pregnancy and Childbirth
Based on twenty years of medical research and addresses the emotional factors that are connected to the transition of motherhood, labor and birth. It uses visualization/relaxation techniques that help resolve the anxieties and concerns women have as a result of this major life change.

What does Body Centered Hypnosis For Childbirth Involve?
The first session includes a prenatal assessment where we will discuss your plans for the birth, any concerns or fears you may have, and special issues that might affect your pregnancy and birth experience. We will also identify your inner resources and strengths for birthing and parenting. Maria will create an individual guided hypnosis from this assessment. The next session she will guide you through it as she records it on a CD. You can listen to the CD daily to reinforce the suggestions that will help create a safe and meaningful pregnancy and birth.

Body Centered Hypnosis For Childbirth may be of special interest to women with:

  • Ambivalence about pregnancy, birth or motherhood
  • Previous pregnancy or birth loss
  • History of preterm labor, premature birth, breech presentation or high blood pressure
  • Conflict with partner
  • History of sexual abuse, phobias, panic
  • Previous infertility
  • Postpartum depression
  • Desire for a VBAC
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Blessingway: Women Honoring Women-A Baby Shower Alternative
A Blessingway is an alternative to the conventional baby shower. It is a unique and personal way to honor a pregnant woman and her journey of birth and motherhood.

The purpose is to circle the new mother and her unborn child with love and support . This happens when everyone speaks and receives from the heart.

A personal prayer/meditation will be created The group is invited to acknowledge and bless the mother to be and this important rite of passage.

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