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Maria Carella, M.Ed., LPC is an educator, author, and counselor specializing in Pregnancy, Parenting and Infertility. She is a Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor who has been teaching body-mind connections for infertility, pregnancy and birth since 1983. She has specialized training in somatic psychotherapy, yoga, stress management, imagery, mindfulness and hypnosis. Her goal is to help women develop the resources they need within to nurture themselves and find balance, health and healing.

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Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga
Yoga teaches you healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety before and during labor. The postures increase flexibility and circulation, strengthen the lower back, align the pelvis, reduce back pain, and enhance balance and stability. In addition to a safe and effective workout, Yoga For Pregnancy offers the opportunity to address the emotional concerns of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, allowing you to feel more balanced in body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga for Pregnancy is medically approved, and includes toning and strengthening exercises, stress management techniques, breathing techniques, proper alignment, relaxation, and comfort techniques, bonding with your baby, group discussion and support of the experience of pregnancy.

Yoga For Pregnancy is beneficial to women at all stages of pregnancy and at all fitness levels, and no experience is necessary.


  1. When should I begin prenatal yoga?
    Most women start in the beginning of the second trimester however, the class is designed for all stages of pregnancy so you can begin anytime during your pregnancy.
  2. Can I join if I have never done yoga?
    No previous yoga experience is necessary. The main goal of the class is to have time to "be" with yourself, your breath and your baby. The postures are simple and easy to learn and are repeated in each class.
  3. What should I wear?
    Wear something comfortable. No shoes or socks are necessary.
  4. What should I bring?
    If you have your own yoga mat please bring it along with your own bottle of water. You will need to bring a permission form from your doctor or midwife to the first class. You you can download the form on this website or get one from your health practitioner.
  5. What if I have to miss a class?
    Please check to make sure you can make all the classes in the session. For emergencies you are allowed one make up class. You also have the option to pay by the class. Fee-$17.00 per class, check or cash.
  6. How do I register?
    Fee: $90.00 check or cash. Send a check payable to:
    Maria Carella, LPC
    P.O. Box 432004,
    Saint Louis, Mo. 63143-0281

    You can also use Paypal to send payment:
    6 WEEK SESSION $96.00

    8 WEEK SESSION $130.00

    Note which class you are registering for.
    To ensure a place in the class please register at least one week in advance.
Any Questions? Contact Maria Directly at 314-504-3704

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